East End Tales

8- Craig Brewster

April 05, 2023 Ian Mackie Season 1 Episode 8
East End Tales
8- Craig Brewster
Show Notes

We have a incredible bumper episode this week! We chat (@47 minutes or so) with the legend that is Craig Brewster! Hear about his time at Dunfermline and his thoughts on the strike partnership that took the country by storm. 
The lads chat about the 2004 cup run leading up to the final, about Craig's time at The Pars and of course about all the recent Pars news including 

  • Contract Extensions
  • Falkirk games
  • Scotland's Euro 2024 qualifying
  • And more!

You do NOT want to miss this one. 

Thanks to Shaun Scott at Horsham FC for his help in this episode.

Thanks to Steve McQuan and the Shamanics for the music.
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