East End Tales

9- Darren Young

May 19, 2023 Ian Mackie Season 1 Episode 9
East End Tales
9- Darren Young
Show Notes

Darren Young joins the podcast and gives an insight into his time at Dunfermline, in particular the Scottish Cup Final of 2007. We discuss: 

  • France 98
  • Playing for the two Jimmies
  • His Hampden memories
  • The cup final of 2007
  • Funny dressing room stories
  • Winning League 2 with Stirling Albion
  • And much more

The lads are also back with their memories of Darren at Dunfermline, what we actually remember from 2007 and of course the climax to the 2022/2023 season.

We hope you enjoy listening!
***There is a tiny bit of strong language and discussion of a league winning nature***

Thanks to Steve McQuan and the Shamanics for the music.
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