East End Tales

13- Gerry Britton

November 01, 2023 Ian Mackie Season 2 Episode 3
East End Tales
13- Gerry Britton
Show Notes

We have a mega episode for you this time round! 
We speak with the one and only Gerry Britton about his time at the club. Hear about some of the dressing room tales he's got to tell, his thoughts on playing for Bert and Dick and just how good was Sergio Duarte?  

  • The lads take a look back on their memories of Gerry 
  • Stuart reads a book!
  • We recap the recent games and look forward (?!) to the upcoming fixtures
  • Our nameless Pars quiz continues! Who takes the lead? Find out by listening now!

This episode contains a wee bit strong language.

Thanks to Steve McQuan and the Shamanics for the music.
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