East End Tales

14- The Dunfermline Draft

December 20, 2023 Ian Mackie Season 2 Episode 4
East End Tales
14- The Dunfermline Draft
Show Notes

We've got a special episode of East End Tales for you this month. 
On this month's show we have:

  • Our brief thoughts on the Euro 2024 draw and some German chat
  • Quick recap of the results since last time
  • A Dunfermline players draft! Who ends up in our two chosen teams? Play along! 
  • Happy birthday mentions to some ex Pars heroes! 
  • And of course our Andy Wilson memorial quiz

Don't forget our bonus Christmas episode from last year that focuses on all the meaningful festive fixtures from back in the day! 
And we will be back next year again with some fantastic guests and not so fantastic host-chat!

Thanks to Steve McQuan and the Shamanics for the music.
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